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  • We offer you some packages that you can find on our website in "pricing & FAQ". All the details of each package and the price are available. Please, choose the package that suits your needs.

How to book the session?

  • After the session date is decided, we will send you more details of the deposit payment. If you are in Indonesia , you can finish the payment by bank transfer. And for overseas transactions, we currently only accept payment via Paypal.

How much I should pay for the deposit?

  • We ask about 30% to 40% of the total price. Please, be reminded, the deposit is non-refundable. And any fees incurred are the responsibility of the client.

Hey, we're a family with a total of 6 people. What packages should we choose?

  • If your family consist of father, mother, with 4 children, the package you should choose is Small Family Packages (2 to 5 family members). An additional cost will be charged for the other one. The additional cost is IDR 245,000 per person.
  • If your family consists of:
    - 2 families with 1 child each family, or
    - father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, 2 children, or
    - father, mother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and 1 child,
    Or another kind of small group family, please choose
    Big Family Packages instead.

I’m interested in your Family Tour package, but I’m afraid our child will be over-exhausted. What can you suggest?

  • This special package actually will not make your child over-exhausted. It's just friendly as a regular full day tour. The speciality of this package is the longer time we have to get mingle with your family, we have more opportunities to capture ‘best moments’ of your family holiday.

We are interested to have pre-wedding session with you, but we see your package does not provide costume and or makeup. Can you provide it if we request one?

  • Absolutely, we will provide some recommendations for you. But, to make this perfect as you want, we advise you to find one by yourself to meet your standard. There are plenty names in Bali.

Is it possible to do the session in the hotel or villa where I stay?

  • Yes, it is. Most of hotels and villas in Bali allow the photo session for their guests. But, the best you can do is to let your hotel or villa management know that you will have a photo session with professional photographers. This permission might be necessary for them, especially if they have an event going on the same day.

Can I do session in the beach, temple, waterfall, etc?

  • Yes, with pleasure. But, please be noted, some places in Bali charge a photo session fee. And this isn’t included in package price.

When will we receive the photo result?

  • Low season : 1-2 weeks (Mid October - November & after Valentine's day - mid April)
  • High season : 2-4 weeks (Mid April - mid October & December 1st - Valetine's day)

We are not going to stay that long. How do we get the photo?

  • All the original and edited photos will be sent to you online. We currently use only Dropbox. And if you do not have a Dropbox account, we will send you a link contains all your photos. This is very simple and easy. Just open the link and download all the photos.

How long will our photo be available in Dropbox?

  • We will give you 14 days after we send you the link. More than 14 days, we will delete it for some reasons. Please, use the time wisely.

Can you upload again our photo in Dropbox if somehow we lost it?

  • Sure, we can. However in this case we will charge you an extra 10% from the package you booked with us. As soon as we receive the payment, we will send you the link of your photos and you have 14 days after we send you the link. More than 14 days, we will delete it. Please, use the time wisely.

How many original photos will we receive?

  • It's an easy question but the answer will be situational. It all depends on how the photo session going. But, don’t worry, we will always provide you the best.

What kind of editing do you guys do?

  • We do editing limited to minor beauty retouch and color enhancement, with no digital imaging. And please, be reminded, we do not accept any request regarding editing.

Can we choose the photos for the edited?

  • Sure, you can. After you receive all of the photos, we will give you 14 days to let us know about files photos for edited. More than 14 days, we will assume you are very happy with the results and you don't need any edited.

Can you do the session out of Bali?

  • Yes, we can. But, please be noted, all costs regarding transportation, accommodation, food for photographers and teams will be your responsibilities.

Do you have any promotion or discount at this time?

  • Maybe yes. Maybe no. The discount depends in our marketing program. Please, kindly follow our Facebook page and or our Instagram account to be updated on our promo and discount program.
    - Facebook Page:
    Silangit Photography
    - Instagram:
    Silangit Photography

Will you later post our photos on your social media page or for promotional activities?

  • You always have the privileges to your privacy. It means we may post your photos if you allow us. But, if you do not give us permission, then we will never do it. Please, kindly inform us regarding this permission right after you place a booking, so we will take a note in our agreement.

What if unpredictable situations happen on the D-day, such as raining?

  • Bali is a magical place for all. We always plant positivities before the photo session and we rarely see the weather forecast since it doesn’t always work in Bali. And the magic has been happening to us. Almost all the photo sessions we did went smoothly and nicely. So, we hope you are with us, think positive, be positive, and witness the magic.

    Notes: if unpredictable situation happens, we will be glad to reschedule your photo session. We, you and Silangit team, will discuss about the rescheduled session to make it possible and comfortable for us both.